Airport & Arrival Information


Düsseldorf is the capital of the German region of North Rhine-Westphalia. Its international airport is located north of the city, approximately 9 km from Düsseldorf downtown and 5 km from the congress centre. It takes less than 10 minutes to reach the congress centre by car.

Düsseldorf airport is very well connected to many major European airports. The airport is equally accessible by bus, metro, taxi and train services.  For a quick overview on schedules and transportation, please check the local transportation website

Alternatively, Düsseldorf can be reached stress free by train from neighbouring countries like the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg as well as many German cities. For further information, please check with your national railway provider.


The airport has two train stations (named “Düsseldorf Airport” and “Düsseldorf Airport Terminal”), both of them connected to all terminals via the Sky Train or moving walkways. Rail services run 24/7 in both directions. From 5 am until midnight, trains are expected to run every 5 to 7 minutes. Between midnight and 5 am there are trains approximately every 30 minutes, yet it is highly recommended to check beforehand, as trains might not stop in all stations. Exact hours and stops can be found at 


The airport bus takes about 20 minutes depending on traffic and final destination. There are several lines departing at different times. Line #721 and #823 operate to and from Düsseldorf city. Departures are approximately every 20 minutes. All buses depart from different platforms located right in front of the exit to the main arrival hall. During congress time and on peak hours line #896 brings you directly to the Congress Centre every 10-15 minutes. For detailed information on routes and schedules, please check:


When leaving the arrival halls, please look for the signs for the nearest taxi stand. An average journey by taxi from the Düsseldorf Airport to downtown takes about 20 minutes and costs approx. €25,00 to €35,00 one-way (incl. surcharge for the luggage, max. 3 persons).

For a transfer to the Congress Centre there is a fix price of €20,00.

Phone numbers of main taxi companies:

Taxi Düsseldorf: 0049/211 33333 or
Rhein-Taxi: 0049/ 211 212121


The congress centre CCD can be reached by the highway A44. Leave the highway at the junction 29 “Messe/Arena” which leads directly to the two large car parks P1 and P2. To reach the car park P5 directly at the entrance of the EANM Entrance, turn right after the car park P1 and follow the street “Am Staad”.

Please note: As Düsseldorf is a low emission zone, please make sure to apply for an Environmental Badge (“Umweltplakette”) for your car if you want to drive within the city. The exhibition area itself as well as the car parks and the highway A44 are not within the low emission zone – if you access via the highway A44 and do not cross the city. In case it is needed, it can be purchased at garages, some gas stations or the Technical Inspection Agency. Depending on the type and size of the car, the Environmental Badge can be granted or not. If granted, the costs will be between € 5.00 – 8.00. For this the car registration document has to be shown. In case of violation there will be a penalty of € 80.00 plus an administrative charge. More information can be found here:

Pre-booked Transfer 

Above taxi companies have the best prices in town and can as well be pre-booked. Public transportation is by far the easiest way to get around the city. The Düsseldorf buses, trams and subways are quick and cheap. Friday to Sunday the metro runs 24h. Night buses run throughout the week.

Bicycle Sharing System (nextbike) 

The city offers an environment-friendly bike system to both, locals and visitors. Bikes can be hired and returned at several points across the city. You must download their app, search for the nearest bike and use the code they will send you to unlock the chain. You need a one-time registration and a valid credit card. The first 5 hours cost €1,00 per 30 minutes fraction and then €9,00 per day. For more information or registration please visit: