List of Exhibitors, Associations, and Publishers


List of Exhibitors – Corporate Members 

Exhibitor Booth No. 
Advanced Accelerator Applications – a Novartis company 58
Bruker BioSpin 31
Comecer Group 55
Curium 1
Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG 35
GE Healthcare 4
Hermes Medical Solutions 34
IBA 37
JSC Isotope / Rusatom Healthcare 64
Lemer Pax (part of the Isotop4life group) 32
Mediso 38
MR Solutions Ltd. 3
Norgine Ltd. 60
PARS Isotope Co. 42
Philips 36
Siemens Healthineers 59
Spectrum Dynamics Medical Inc. 2
Tema Sinergie S.p.A. 46
Terumo Europe 39
Zionexa 40


List of Exhibitors – Non-Corporate Members

Exhibitor Booth No. 
ABT Molecular Imaging, Inc. 119
ABX GmbH 25
ABX-CRO advanced pharmaceutical services 67B
Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc. 26
Agescan International Inc. 122
AGM Solutions BV (part of The Pavilion) 52
Ai4R SAS (part of the Isotop4life group) 32
AIPES – Association of Imaging Producers and Equipment Suppliers 17
Alliance Medical Molecular Imaging 48
Applied Theranostics (ATT) 69
Arronax (part of the Isotop4life group) 32
ARTMS Products Inc. 18
Aspect Imaging  94
Atlanpole Biotherapies (part of the Isotop4life group) 32
Bayer  80
Bayer AG  89
Becquerel & Sievert Co., Ltd. 106
Berthold Technologies GmbH 120
Best Theratronics Ltd.  22
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. 27
Blue Earth Diagnostics Ltd. 85
BV Cyclotron VU (part of The Pavilion)  52
C.Curie bvba/sprl (part of The Pavilion) 52
Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.  79
Capintec, Inc.  44
Casram SA  45
Chelatec (part of the Isotop4life group) 32
China Isotope & Radiation Corporation 116
Cisbio  78
CMR – Center of Molecular Research  93
CMR Naviscan Corporation  16
Crystal Photonics GmbH 121
Cyclomedica Europe Ltd.  56
DDD-Diagnostic A/S  44
Diasource SA (part of The Belgian Pavilion) 14
Dixit Srl 112
DongCheng Pharmaceutical
DOSIsoft SA  41
DSD Pharma GmbH (part of The Pavilion) 52
Easy Chelator (part of the Isotop4life group) 32
ec2 Software Solutions  83
Eczacibasi-Monrol Nuclear Products Co.  61
Elysia-raytest  13
Epsilon Elektronik San. ve Tic. A.S. – ERS  44
Euromedical Instruments (part of The Pavilion) 52
GAEDE Medizinsysteme GmbH  77
Getinge La Calhène  68
Global Morpho Pharma SAS 117
Hake Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.  118
Hidex Oy  71
HOY Scandinavian ApS (part of The Pavilion) 52
Huayi Isotopes Co.  109
IDB Holland bv 58
Institute of Isotopes Co. Ltd. 33
Inter Medical Medizintechnik GmbH 70
INVIA Medical Imaging Solutions 7
Invicro  88
Inviscan – Minerve 67A
iPHASE technologies  108
IRE ELiT  11
Isotope Technologies Dresden GmbH  10
Isotopia Molecular Imaging Ltd. 28
ITEL Telecomunicazioni SRL 102A
ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG 66
Jubilant DraxImage Inc. 91
Keosys (part of the Isotop4life group) 32
Labbel (part of The Belgian Pavilion) 14
LabLogic Systems Ltd. 71
Lightpoint Medical Ltd 95
Lynax s.r.o. 115
MAP Medical Technologies Oy   76
Medi-Radiopharma Ltd.  107
Medisystem (part of the Isotop4life group) 32
MEDraysintell (part of The Belgian Pavilion) 14
MiE medical imaging electronics GmbH  47
MILabs B.V.   72
MIM Software Inc.  15
Mirada Medical  6
MNT Kwint International bv (part of The Pavilion) 52
NICESOFT (part of The Pavilion) 52
Nuclear Shields BV  114
Nucleis (part of The Belgian Pavilion) 14
NUKEM Isotopes GmbH  84
Nuvia (MED Nuklear-Medizintechnik Dresden) (part of The Pavilion) 52
OncoBeta GmbH  19
Qubiotech Health Intelligence S.L. 113
Pepscan Presto BV  20
PI Medical Diagnostic Equipment B.V. (part of The Pavilion) 52
PMOD Technologies Ltd.  86
POLATOM, Radioisotope Centre of National Centre for Nuclear Research  53
Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  54
RadQual Global Sources 105
rapp-iso GmbH  43
Rotem GmbH  8
ROTOP Pharmaka GmbH  57
Rowe Med AG – Medical 4 Life  50
Scannix (part of The Belgian Pavilion) 14
Scintomics GmbH  69
Sedecal Molecular Imaging – SMI  65
Shaar Giora/TPT 111
Sirtex Medical Europe GmbH  51
Southern Scientific Ltd.  71
Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. 24
Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation 102B
Telix Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 23
Theraclion SA 87
Theragnostics 81
Triskem International 32
US DOE Isotope Program 103
VANDERWILT techniques b.v. (part of The Pavilion) 52
Varian 21B
vent-medis 90
VICI AG International  49
Von Gahlen Nederland B.V.  9
WOLFMET (M&I Materials Ltd.) (part of The Pavilion) 52


Societies’ Village

Association / Publisher / Special Companies Booth No. 
AIMN – Italian Association of Nuclear Medicine SV30
ANZSNM – Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine SV 29B
ARCCNM/AOFNMB – Asian Regional Cooperative Council for Nuclear Medicine/Asia Oceania Federation of Nuclear Medicine and Biology SV28
ASNC – American Society of Nuclear Cardiology SV20
BNMS – British Nuclear Medicine Society SV27
CANM – Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine SV19
CSNM – Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine SV29
DGN e.V. – German Society of Nuclear Medicine SV2
Edizioni Minerva Medica SV10
EFRS – European Federation of Radiographer Societies SV4
EIBIR – European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research SV7
EITA – European Isotopes Transport Association SV3
ESNMS – Egyptian Society of Nuclear Medicine Specialists SV9
ESR – European Society of Radiology SV6
HSNM&MI – Hellenic Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging SV18
IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency SV21
JSNM – Japanese Society of Nuclear Medicine SV11
KSNM – The Korean Society of Nuclear Medicine SV17
MSNM – Macedonian Society of Nuclear Medicine SV16
NVNG – Dutch Society of Nuclear Medicine SV23
OGNMB – Austrian Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging SV12
Oncidium Foundation SV8
SNM India – Society of Nuclear Medicine India SV14
SNMMI – Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging SV25
Springer Nature SV1
TSNM – Turkish Society of Nuclear Medicine SV13
UEMS/EBNM – European Union of Medical Specialists/Section and European Board of Nuclear Medicine SV24
Wisepress Medical Bookshop SV22