Welcome Words by the EANM Congress Chair

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

On behalf of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine, it is my great pleasure and honour to cordially invite you to the 31st Annual EANM Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany in October 2018. The EANM meeting is now definitively the world-reference congress in nuclear medicine. In order to maintain our congress at its excellent level, the meeting will build on the traditions that are highly appreciated by all the attendees, with the expansion of newer features.


A specific educational track, implemented with the collaboration of the European School of Multimodality Imaging and Therapy, will include up-to-date teaching sessions, enriched pitfalls seminars and Continuous Medical Education interactive sessions. In all these active learning conferences, attendees will have the possibility to enhance their knowledge of multimodality imaging. A careful evaluation procedure relating to the speakers will be implemented in order to gain feedback and ensure that future interactive sessions continue to enjoy a positive response. With similar pedagogic intent, numerous multidisciplinary joint symposia, organised by several EANM Committees in collaboration with our sister societies, will offer an integrative approach to various topics relevant to the state of the art of our discipline. I would like to take this opportunity to make a special appeal to young specialists, who will probably benefit most from the academic sessions. You represent the future of our discipline and it is you who should begin to shape yourself for a brighter tomorrow in our community!

Of course, all this will not reduce the predominant role of our congress, namely to deliver oral and electronic-poster presentations on the latest achievements in clinical nuclear medicine, science and technology. On the contrary, the oral sessions will be enriched. Rapid Fire sessions will draw attention to the highly rated abstracts in specific comprehensive topics, with a panel of top-level presentations followed by extensive discussions; this will provide attendees with an integrated and coherent view on a wide variety of topics. Furthermore, the concept of featured oral sessions in which an invited speaker place the presentations into a broader perspective will be generalised to all the other oral presentations. The now well-established tracks M2M – Molecule to Man (basic and translational science) and Do.MoRe (radionuclide therapy and dosimetry) promise to promote high-quality research through interaction between basic and translational clinical scientists and to present the latest achievements and developments in the fields of clinical molecular imaging and nuclear medicine therapy. During plenary lectures, distinguished speakers will address the state of the art and new developments in clinical and allied sciences, covering a broad range of topics with the goal of fostering the provision of the best possible care for our patients. In particular, it is a pleasure and an honour for me to announce that Prof. Bernard L. Feringa, from Groningen, the Netherlands, Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016, will be present at our annual congress with a lecture on the “Fascinating World of Molecules” on Tuesday.

At the end of the meeting, the traditional Highlights lecture will provide a broad overview of the science presented at EANM’18. I am delighted that two young but very motivated and highly respected members of our European Nuclear Medicine community, Prof. Ken Hermann from Essen, Germany, and Dr. Fijs van Leeuwen from Leiden, the Netherlands, have agreed to take on this task.

For all these reasons, I cordially invite you to EANM’18 to actively participate in our 31st Annual Congress, to meet and interact with friends and colleagues from all over the world, to discuss science, to learn about the exciting developments in nuclear medicine, to break away from the daily routine and to enjoy everything that the city of Düsseldorf has to offer.

Francesco Giammarile

EANM Congress Chair 2017–2019