Live Stream

You can not travel to Düsseldorf? Then take advantage of the freely available live streaming! View sessions of your choice in real-time from wherever you are!

Have a look at the preliminary schedule of the EANM live stream:


Programme, Sunday, October 14, 2018

CME 1 Fever of Unknown Origin
CME 2 New Guidelines in Nuclear Thyroidology
CME 4 PET/MRI in Paediatrics – Sharing Experiences
Plenary 1 In Vivo Molecular Diagnosis of Cognitive Disorders: A Paradigm Change
Teaching Session 1 Basics of Neuroimaging
Teaching Session 2 tbc.
Pitfalls & Artefacts 1 Multimodality imaging in Sports Medicine
Pitfalls & Artefacts 2 Artefacts in Hybrid Imaging
EANM Young Daily Forum Workshop 1


Programme, Monday, October 15, 2018

CME 5 Validation of Radioanalytical Methods
CME 6 Alpha Particle Dosimetry – When, Why and How
CME 7 Optimization of Diagnostic Reference Levels in Hybrid Imaging in Paediatric Nuclear Medicine
CME 8 Different Strategies in the Management of Hepatic Metastases in NEN
Plenary 2 To Do, or Not to Do Dosimetry, that is the Question
Teaching Session 3 Modern Insight in Medical Education
Teaching Session 4 tbc.
Pitfalls & Artefacts 3 Advantages and Limitations of Voxelized Dosimetry for Intra-Arterial Liver Therapy
Pitfalls & Artefacts 4 Amyloid Imaging
EANM Young Daily Forum Workshop 2


Programme, Tuesday, October 16, 2018

CME 9 Imaging Targets for Cancer Immunotherapy
CME 10 How Much Radiology Do We Need in Bone and Joint Multi-Modality Imaging?
CME 11 Update on PET/MR in Oncology
CME 12 PET Guided Biopsy
Plenary 3 The Fascinating World of Molecules
Teaching Session 5 Nanomedicine and Radiopharmaceuticals
Teaching Session 6 tbc.
Pitfalls & Artefacts 5 Pitfalls in Parathyroid Detection with Nuclear Medicine Imaging
Pitfalls & Artefacts 6 Is this Uptake Pathological or is it Due to Excretion?
EANM Young Daily Forum Workshop 3


Programme, Wednesday, October 17, 2018

CME 13 Myocardial 123-mIBG Imaging in Neurology – Is it Ready for Prime Time?
CME 14 Quantitative Multimodality Imaging
Plenary 4 Highlights Lecture
Pitfalls & Artefacts 7 PSMA Therapy