EANM Young Daily Forum

The EANM Young Daily Forum is the ideal platform for all young talents attending the EANM congress – and those young at heart! It consists of a series of interactive lunch-time sessions open to all participants.

Each 1.5 hours’ time slot will focus on a different topic, moderated in an interactive way by the professional facilitator Roy Sheppard. Participants will not only benefit from Roy’s vast experience as moderator and speaker, but will also have the opportunity to get to know new people in a relaxed atmosphere. Participation is free for everyone registered to the EANM Annual Congress.


Sunday, October 14, 13:00 – 14:30
Young Daily Forum: Is the patient a “nuisance” or a “partner”?
Moderator: Roy Sheppard

Should nuclear medicine be done to your patients or with them?
How important is it to consider the thoughts and feelings of your patients?
How is the patient’s voice already influencing profound regulatory changes affecting nuclear medicine?
And what impact will that almost certainly have on how future research research will be funded?

For the first time, we are holding an interactive session hearing different patient perspectives. This session will explain and explore why patient involvement will become increasingly important to the nuclear medicine community in the next few years – and why you need to know about it today.


Monday, October 15, 13:00 – 14:30
Young Daily Forum: Presentation Skills Workshop
Facilitator: Roy Sheppard

This workshop is unlike any other presentation skills course you have ever attended. Experience personally how delivering impactful presentations work and how you can handle even controversial discussions with ease.

Because the key to successful presentations is more than applying solid research methods, working hard and achieving outstanding results. Back by popular demand, the Presentation Skills Workshop will give you an insight into the secrets of delivering powerful and effective presentations.


Tuesday, October 16, 13:00 – 14:30
Young Daily Forum: Accepted or Rejected: The Secrets of Successful Journal Publishing
Facilitator: Roy Sheppard

For years you work diligently on your research. Finally, you write your paper and submit it to your preferred journal. You wait, and wait. Eventually, you hear that your work has been rejected. Could this have been avoided?

In this highly interactive session, we lift the lid on the secret and mysterious world of journals. Highly experienced Editors in Chief explain how they evaluate submitted work. And share examples of best and worst practices they have encountered in their role as editors. They will be joined by other expert panellists who will also explore more factors researchers need to understand in order to increase the chances of publishing success. Bring your unanswered questions – this will be a unique opportunity.